Top 100 YouTube football Channels - updated daily.

The top YouTube channels, whether they are run by musicians, comedians, institutions or just regular people with a story to tell, all have several things in common. They inform, and entertain. The most popular YouTubers do this, and they do it well!

To help you find new YouTube channels, Social Junction has listed the 100 most popular channels sorted by subscribers, categorised to help you find the best by what your interest. The list is updated daily, so keep checking back.

It’s hard to imagine a time before YouTube. Over the course of little more than two decades it has risen, grown and expanded its influence into every corner of our world, and every facet of our lives.

YouTube started out in 2005, in a makeshift garage office, but it didn’t stay small for long, it grew, and it grew fast. People quickly realised its power and wanted to watch the videos it hosted, while others realised its potential to entertain, to inform and to influence.

Fast forward to today, and YouTube is a different and much larger beast altogether, the most popular YouTubers are known worldwide, with the top YouTube channels earning fortunes for those who run them. Whether you like to watch informative or educational content, entertaining clips, videogame walkthroughs, or just to have a laugh at some cats or dogs misbehaving; the most popular YouTubers have you covered, with collectively more videos than you could feasibly watch in a lifetime.

#            Youtube Channel Name Subscribers Avg.Views/Mo Avg.Likes/Vid Avg.Views/Vid Country