About Social Junction

Social Junction is a multi-platform influencer identification tool. Our goal is to make finding the perfect influencer for your project fun and easy. We also want to be a friendly resource for all your new media marketing needs -- so please contact us if you have any questions about influencer marketing, which agencies are the best, what MCN you should work with, etc.

Our proprietary “Search and Match” technology allows you to perform deep searches (using over 60M keywords and search phrases & demographic filters) to create interactive pitches using real-time data across multiple social platforms.

Our tech gives you power, clarity, and flexibility.

The Social Junction Team is composed of leading experts in the fields of New Media, Technology, Advertising, and Marketing.

Tony Powell

Tony has spent more than a decade in start-ups ranging from building a VoIP company to developing affordable London housing through floating homes. Most recently he’s built a business that works with companies like Microsoft, Plantronics, Informatica, Cisco, Avaya, WPP, Merck and others to get more value from innovating where people meet technology and technology meets data.


Ben Rolnik

Grew up on tour with legends like The Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, and Aerosmith... thinking that he was going to be a Doctor and a Philosopher...

Now partnered with Trudy Green, the most successful female manager in the entertainment business, on various ventures including talent management, high-tech innovation/development, marketing, and media production in both the new media and traditional media industries.

I advise various companies about digital media strategy, customer acquisition/market adoption (growth hacks), entertainment business integrations, and superstar branding.... and I still meditate :)


Mark Palmer

Mark is a globe-trotting international agency/brand consultant (and has been for about 30 years). Located in London, he's bringing Social Junction straight across the pond and is excited to help us harpoon some whales.


Vince Lynch

Vince is a badass technology and media/agency expert. He's spent a long time in the agency world and has a lot of experience with start-ups & tech platforms (having co-founded his own!). He's literally one of the coolest people on the planet who knows how to sink his teeth right into the heart-of-the-matter (every time!).

He's also been a huge Social Junction cheerleader since the very beginning.


Brendan Gahan

'Forbes 30 under 30' Brightest Minds in Marketing   Advertising, 2012. Vidcon Advisory board member


Nick Sturrock

Nick is a technology wizard who has been known to dive deeply into singular lines of code to crush pesky bugs as well as to elevate products with dashing insights and brilliant API hacks.